The calibre of speakers you can expect on the Growth Colony Podcast

Leandro Perez

Vice President & CMO (APAC)

Andrea Dixon

Senior Marketing Director (APJ)

David Gottlieb

Director of Advertising (APAC)

Hayley Hopwood

Head of Growth (ANZ)

Ray Kloss

Director of Marketing (ANZ)

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Growth Colony: Australia’s B2B Growth Podcast

You’ll be hearing from B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between.

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High Calibre Speakers

Learn first hand from the very best from the world of B2B. We bring in the top CMOs, Sales Pros, Founders and Marketing Gurus to share their experiences and insights.

Networking Opportunities

What is a community without networking opportunities? Growth Colony is the hub for brilliant individuals to come together and grow together.

Contemporary Strategies

We don’t deal with trends or fads. We only present proven strategies and tactics to take your B2B organisation to the next level.

No Sugar Coating

At Growth Colony we tell it like it is. We’re not here to sugar coat broken systems. Our speakers break down what’s working and what’s really not working…

Our Past Events

Watch some of Australia’s best B2B Marketing events from the Growth Colony team.

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